Toy Poodle - Iphone 6/6s Plus

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This Toy Poodle is approx 5 days old, who came into the DONQUE Shelter after losing his home. This Toy Poodle fits an owner with an Iphone 6/6s Plus, who loves to show off with his pet.

This Toy Poodle needs someone who is going to look past his cuteness and understands the love he needs.

PLEASE NOTE: This product can only be shipped to The Netherlands and Belgium. If you're from a different country and you accidentaly purchased this item, we will cancel your order and make a refund.

The DONQUE Shelter is a place where we rehome abandoned pets. Because we believe every pet deserves a second chance to get a new home.

Second chance clothing is somewhat contentious. At DONQUE we believe that buying second chance clothing is one of the easiest ways to improve your fashion sustainability.

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